SOBRE SOUND is San Antonio’s premier dedicated music news source. With years of media and music industry experience, our team of writers and videographers capture Central Texas’ music scene with insider perspectives and unique insights only we can provide.

SOBRE SOUND has been credentialed media at some of the nation's largest festivals including FunFunFunFest, River City RockFest, Euphoria Camping and Music Festival, Untapped Fest, Art Outside, Imagine Fest and more. We've interviewed rock stars like Paul Stanley, Lisa Loeb, Skylar Spence and Teen Daze, as well as regional up-and-comers. Sobre Sound has been media partners with The Majestic & Empire Theatres for the Two Ten Empire Concert Series and with the central Texas arts & music festival Art Outside. 

We answer the question: "What is happening in music in central Texas." Sobre Sound is a destination for those looking to connect with the artists and performers of all genres who make our state an incredible place for music and culture. Whether it's national icons coming through our area or performers looking to make a name for themselves in the industry, Sobre Sound covers it all. Science and music, music in the Civil Rights Movement, music in our classrooms and retirement homes, we help educate our readers about all matters regarding the sounds that enrich our lives. The national stage and the local stage are often one in the same and through our concert reviews, photography, album reviews, artist interviews or examinations of history and culture, Sobre Sound brings our fragmented music experiences in to a single home. 


MILES TERRACINA: Founder, Managing Editor

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RICARDO ROMERO: Head of Photography



EDMOND ORTIZ: San Antonio's Favorite Journalist  

MATT BUIKEMA: Founder of 9001 Studios

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