Euphoria Fest Spotlight: Thievery Corporation

Thievery Corporation is one of those groups that is many things to many people. Their appearance at EMCF 2015 is one of the more interesting aspects of the festival because they're not known for club bangers at high BPMs, but rather for their signature mid-tempo break-beat with world music layers of influence. Thievery Corporation grew to popularity out of the late 90s trip-hop movement with DJ Shadow, Portishead, etc. In 2004, their song  Lebanese Blonde was on the Garden State soundtracks, which won a Grammy. Their 2005 record, The Cosmic Game featured Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips, David Byrne and Perry Ferrell (Janes Addiction, Lollapalooza) and many others in a record that's a lot like a UNKLE or Zero 7 album. The variety within each individual Thievery Corporation record is part of what makes listening to their music fun and interesting. Lately, Thievery Corporation have been touring with a full live band and are billed to be bringing 'special guests' to Euphoria Fest. I speculate this means a somewhat-well known guest singer. 

Rob Garza recently released his first solo EP Palace of Mirrors and will also be performing a solo set at EMCF. The music feels similar to Thievery Corporation with the world influences and textures but is much more dance oriented. Palace of Mirrors has the kind of remixable tracks that are more club friendly than Thievery Corp. Read an interview with Rob Garza at Consequence of Sound here.