From Last Night: SPILLOVER at K23 Gallery

Ever eat a spicy taco or Indian food that was so hot & spicy it made you cry and sweat, but you kept eating it anyways because it was so good? That's what watching The Bloody Knives' set last night was like. They. Were. Loud. At first, I thought something was wrong with the sound equipment, I started to think who ever was manning the board had been to one too many concerts, but then I realized, no... this was The Bloody Knives. The guitar work made it's way through a maze of effects peddles before hazing our ears with its layers of fuzz, delays and  distortion. Their set was a mixture of sludge meets drive. The nature of K23 Gallery mixed with the Bloody Knives' sound, required the drummer to work extra hard last night. Maintaining the high energy plus being loud enough, seemed to demand extra effort. "Hate to say 'I Get It' ", I said last night to The Bloody Knives' guitarist, but I did, I honestly appreciated the raw intensity of The Bloody Knives. 

Innovation in technology doesn't require one to reinvent the wheel each time around. A minor tweak or subtle change can make all the difference with how people adopt or receive something new. Music is no different. 'Familiar Things in a New Way' is model many have found success with and Dead Leaf Echo gets it done beautifully. I tweeted during their set that I thought Dead Leaf Echo sounded somewhere between My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth. I say that because Sonic Youth used more of a riff-based style of guitar as opposed to MBV's use of blended, white noise ambiance. Dead Leaf Echo sounded like a mixture of the two last night. Dual vocalists, her on a solid body Fender Strat, him switching between an amazing 12-string and another guitar tuned differently, all over some heavy shoegaze (if there is a thing) / aggressive dreamscapes. Guitarist & vocalist Ana B told me part of why/how she met Lg is because they both had the same rare 12-string. Catch them during SXSW with Ringo Deathstar. 

Not only were the performances dope, the vibes last night were perfect. The weather was nice, SaySheAte was serving duck-fat fries and Ranger Creek provided some free IPA. The cops showed up after the Bloody Knives' set, saying a lady down the street near San Pedro Park called in the complaint (which is lame, because the train that runs all hours of the night nearby is loud af) but never came back. 

The headliner, Monogold, provided the 'Ah-Ha!' moment of last night's brilliance. Their periodic use of tribal drum styles & electronic samples mix well with the lead singers' falsetto. Their pop-tendencies make the psych-rock, noise jams palatable and brought the audience into a danceable energy. Monogold lead singer said it was great being able to see Dead Leaf Echo perform live for the first time. He said, he kept seeing them around Brooklyn but never got a chance to catch a show. They ended the night with their hit "Spirit or Something" as they prompted the crowd to move in closer. I still have the hook in my head. Classic night. One for the books. 


Official Monogold Video for 'Spirit or Something'

San Antonio at SXSW - Part 2


by Alyssa Bunting

The first weekend of SXSW is now over but there is still a week of pandemonium left. Here are some other San Antonio based bands that are taking their talent up i35 to play official and unofficial shows:



Collective Dreams & Verisimilitude - MAR 18
Experimental indie band Collective Dreams and experimental instrumental band Verisimilitude will both be performing at the Day Party on Red Bluff Wednesday March 18. The show is free and will be going on from noon to 10 p.m.



Mount Sherpa - MAR 18
Electrified instrumental desert rock group Mount Sherpa will be playing an unofficial show at the Whip-In for band COSMS EP release show. The show is free and begins at 2 p.m.


Televangelist - MAR 19
Experimental indie band Televangelist will be performing at Ozana Records' "Nofficial" Showcase at the Willow House/ The Music Ranch on Thursday, March 19 where the showcase will begin at 3 p.m.


Pink Leche - MAR 20
Everyone's favorite creator of queer bass and booty bumping moves will be playing the Future Sonidos show at Treasure City Thrift on Friday, March 20 from 2 - 7 p.m. 


SlowLikeFire - MAR 20
If you prefer your music on the heavier side of things, SlowLikeFire has been in the game for many years and will playing a free show at the Heart of Texas Rockfest on Friday, March 20 at 1:15 p.m.



Chisme - MAR 20
Intellect hip-hop group Chisme will be performing at VGTBL INT'L for the Daywalkers 2015 showcase on Friday, March 20 from 1-7 p.m. This year's show is headlined by FREE THE ROBOTS & OPIO. Prepare for lines and show up early to this one. The event is open and free to the public


San Antonio's Trends Die Label - MAR 21
Several San Antonio bands will be playing the Trends Die/ Ground Floor Breaking showcase on Saturday, March 21 at The House of Commons. Genres range from screamo hardcore to pop punk with bands Amygdala, Haunter, Selfies and HTDGS on the bill.

South X Southtown Music Fest

The people who brought you Nightrocker return with a 4 day event at Southtown 101. This #spillover show takes place March 19-22 on an outdoor stage on the edge of the King William neighborhood. The lineup includes 2 bands from the east coast: Roz and the Rice Cakes from Rhode Island and Jane Lee Hooker from New York. Also performing are Austin's Migrant Kids and Megafauna. The local bands on the lineup include Fea, Lonely Horse, The Lost Project, Saakred, Dawn of The Phoenix and many more and there will also be a rotating list of food trucks and exhibits by 3 artists. An opening reception for the event is free this First Friday March 6th and will introduce the public to the artists and musicians. 

SouthXSouthtown Music Fest MARCH 19-22
4 days local performers and SXSW Spillover Outdoor Stage 
4 Day Pass $20 [includes 3 drink tickets]
1 Day Adult 21+ Pass $7.00

Thursday 3/19
3pm - Doors 
5pm - 5:40 BELUKHAS
6pm - 6:40 The lost project 
7pm - 7:40 Crown 
8pm - 8:40 Megafauna 
9pm - 9:40 Roz & the rice cakes
10pm - 10:40 To be announced

food truck:
Philly's Phamous Cheese Steaks
Camp House BBQ

Friday 3/20
3pm - 3:40 Kill liberal 
4pm - 4:40 Televangelist 
5pm - 5:40 Sandworms 
6pm - 6:40 The hares 
7pm - 7:40 Los de esta Noche 
8pm - 8:40 Jane lee hooker
9pm - 9:40 FEA 
10pm 10:40 Ready Revolution

food truck:
The Fridge SA
The Lonestar Food Truck 

Saturday 3/21
12pm - 12:40 *To be announced
1pm - 1:40 *
2pm - 2:40 *
3pm - 3:40 BKWDS|FWDS
4pm - 4:40 Signalman 
5pm - 5:40 Harvey and the BFs 
6pm - 6:40 Rat King Cole 
7pm - 7:40 Lonely horse 
8pm - 8:40 Saakred 
9pm - 9:40 FEMINAX 
10pm - 10:40 *To be announced

food truck:
Bayou Bill's

Sunday 3/22
12pm - 12:40 *To be announced
1pm - 1:40 *
2pm - 2:40 *
3pm - 3:40 Over the Top 
4pm - 4:40 *
5pm - 5:40 Donella Drive 
6pm - 6:40 Signs of Iris 
7pm - 7:40 Dawn Of the Phoenix 
8pm - 8:40 Migrant Kids 
9pm - 9:40 The Last Nighters 
10pm - 10:40 *To be announced

food truck:
Mars Mobile Kichen 
Big Guidos 

Body Painting by: Beyond The Canvas

South X Southtown: food truck line up

Thursday 19
Philly's Phamous Cheese Steaks
Camp House BBQ

Friday 20
The Fridge SA
The Lonestar Food Truck 

Saturday 21
Bayou Bill's

Sunday 22
Mars Mobile Kichen 
Big Guidos 


Nina Diaz at SXSW

Nina Diaz will be performing at a 5 day event at the San Jose Hotel on Saturday March 21. The lineup on that day includes The Ting Tings, David Garza and Surfer Blood. Years past have included bands like Menomena, Tinariwen from Mali and many many others.


Golden Dawn Arkestra
Israel Nash
Not In The Face
The Eastern Sea
Bee Caves
The Trishas
Emily Wolfe
Walker Lukens


Ray Wylie Hubbard
Bobby Patterson & The Disciples
Songhoy Blues
The Dodos
Matthew E. White
Blank Range


Gang Of Four
The Zombies
Carl Barat & The Jackals


The Church
The Ting Tings
David Garza & Friends
Milo Greene
Surfer Blood
Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders
Nina Diaz
Kate Tempest
Peter Bibby