Song Of The Week - The Arcs

I was never much of a Black Keys fan because I don't understand why one would take the blues concept and make it poppy, but Dan Auerbach's latest project, the Arcs, is sounding pretty promising.

The debut album titled Yours, Dreamily is due out Sept. 4 and the song, Put A Flower In Your Pocket, so far has been my favorite of the 3 songs thus far released.

The Black Keys' soulful tone and western style is definitely incorporated, but with a dirtier, more distorted guitar that makes the music borderline psychedelic and gives this song, specifically, a very sensual undertone despite being all about trust issues.

What is also note worthy is the accompanying music video. Director Omar Juarez bring to life a cartoon that incorporates Latino imagery and themes. In a statement to Noisey he explained the concept:

 “My style is a combination of Chicano Art mixed with universal monsters, or more specifically the wolf man. The characters in the video are Rosie, the boxer, and the gangster. Rosie and the boxer are in their 20s and share equal interests in each other ever since they laid eyes on each other it was love at first sight. However, there is one big obstacle between them: Rosie's boyfriend the gangster and his gangster lifestyle. After seeing her boyfriend cutting off the hand of the boxer for losing the biggest fight in his career, Rosie shot her boyfriend in retaliation and fled with the boxer. Unknowingly the gangster lived and came back to kill the boxer. Rosie being devastated took her own life to be with her love in the ghost world. GHOST LOVERS."

The Arcs recently played a show in a Los Angeles bookstore called Espacio 1839 and it sounds just as good live. Perhaps San Antonio will be a stop if they tour when the album comes out?