The Lost Project will be releasing their new album "Far From Where You Are" June 5th at the Empire Theater. The concert is the inaugural show of a six part series titled The TwoTen Concert Series. Yesterday, the band released the first singleDrifting. The song is quintessential Lost Project, the pop-rock structures with their ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ attitude land the song somewhere between Dinosaur Jr. and the Arctic Monkeys. It lacks the over-enthusiasm of rock bands out to save the world, these guys take it easy and I love that about them. Jason Valdez takes melancholy subject matter in his lyrics and juxtaposes it against upbeat guitar and rhythm section with reggae undertones. In some ways Drifting reminds me of tracks from old school skates videos. Drifting sounds amazing, no doubt, it was recorded at Harter Studios and mastered by Michael Fossenkemper