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I recommend you get familiar with K23 Gallery. A relatively new establishment, K23 was founded and opened by Gem and Glen Hotvet, an artist and DJ, in June 2014. The gallery is located on the edge of Beacon Hill on Fredericksburg Rd. just north of downtown. The area is on the verge of new life with other galleries, renovations and zoning battles happeningright around the corner.  

A few recent events hosted at K23 has quickly put these guys on the map for the arts and music events. Back in December, the gallery hosted an event called “Riding Dirty”, described as an “erotic bicycling multimedia event”. It featured several artists and a screening of a traveling short film series out of Portland. Weeks ago, K23 Gallery hosted URNR.TV’s Jameson Artist Spotlight featuring Milli Mar’s CD Release of “Red Clay” and included local favorite Femina-X. 


Our mission is to provide a platform for artists who might otherwise not have one. As a mixed use space we want to host artists that work on both the visual and musical spectrum, as the arts are inextricably linked together. Here in San Antonio this means focusing on local visual artists who are touching upon taboo topics as well as focusing on visiting musical artists who often times can’t get a show at a local venue that isn’t a bar


  (above by Regina Roman)

(above by Regina Roman)

As SXSW 2015 ramps up, the spill over dates begin to roll in. K23 already announced Brooklyn’s Monogold on March 15th, and don’t worry if you’ve never heard of them. That’s the point. The point of SXSW wasn’t to go see your favorite celebrity in a corporate ad from on top of a parking garage, it was originally to showcase up and coming acts from around the country to bring them exposure to industry insiders. Joining Monogold will be Austin’s Bloody Knives and Femina-X. 

JUST ANNOUNCED: is Levitation (psych fest) performing band HOLY WAVE on APRIL 4th with Verisimilitude, Shiva’s Medicine Chest (Marc Smith, the drummer from Creatura’s analog psych DJ set). Holy Wave’s psych/prog/retro sound can be cast into the same group as Foxygen or Camera Obscura.  

Other dates you should know about: 

Feb 6 - These Howlings Tape Release
Feb 13 - Unabashed Trash feat. Jim Tozzi, Bexar Bellamy, Weston Ryan 
Feb 21-22 - On & Off Fred 
Feb 27 - FLUX
March 13 - Linda Arredondo 
April 10 - Regina Roman (above photo)
May 8 - Carly Garza, Denise DeGlopper, Angel Trevino


BOTTOM LINE: K23 Gallery has shown up and has been hosting and producing some critically acclaimed nights just north of downtown in a matter of months. There’s more to come and I’m excited to see what all develops. 

  Troller - Screencap from video by   Essentials   — with   Amber Star Goers   and   Justin Goers   at   K23 Gallery

Troller - Screencap from video by Essentials — with Amber Star Goers and Justin Goers at K23 Gallery

 Holy Wave

Holy Wave


K23 Gallery 
704 Fredericksburg Rd