The SA Current and A Community Advisory Board

The San Antonio’s alt-weekly is mulling over the creation of an advisory board to hear the concerns, complaints and ideas for the future of The Current. I’m creating a new community advisory board for folks that want to volunteer an hour or so of their time once or twice a month to come in and, well, vent." said the new Editor In Chief of The San Antonio Current Hernán Rozemberg, "Hopefully, it’ll be a diverse group of folks that follow the Current and care about it and want to share their views.” 


Other details are pending, but this is definitely an interesting development in that it could be seen as a diplomatic gesture acknowledging issues exist and a desire to extend an olive branch to the disaffected. Perhaps other music community groups and members of all genres could come to the table at this time and detail the larger issues at hand and where music media in San Antonio fits in. The symbiotic relationship between performers and music media is important to the industry as a whole and to San Antonio’s overall quality of life and economic health. Entertainment is important to tourism, and media is the connection between them and their customers.


Tay Appention San Antonio, The Current may finally be ready to listen. But before you go down there huffing and puffing that you never heard back from them about your project, please note that these are not bitching sessions, according Rozemberg ”it’s about providing constructive criticism and feedback that will create good dialogue and give us stuff to think about.”

Check back for further details.