Holodeck Records Showcase at K23 Gallery

Great news for San antonio synth-junkies: K23 Gallery will host a Holodeck Records showcase on AUGUST 24th at the gallery. The lineup, CURATED BY ADAM JONES OF HOLODECK RECORDS, includes Silent Land Time Machine, Xander Harris, Flatliner, Dylan Cameron and Thousand Foot Whale Claw.

According to Holodeck Records’ website, they are “a tape and vinyl record label from Austin, TX, founded in 2012 by members of S U R V I V E, Pure X, Thousand Foot Whale Claw, Silent Land Time Machine, and This Will Destroy You.” The synth-duo, S U R V I V E, is performing at FunFunFun Fest this year and according to K23 Gallery Pure X is one of the best soft rock bands in TX right now. The label is also home to band Troller and Sungod. Xander Harris played Paper Tiger’s grand opening weekend with names like Ryan Hemsworth & Skylar Spence(Saint Pepsi).

Expect the night to be full of psychedelic experimentation through analogue and digital frequencies and sequences. For more details visit K23 Gallery on Facebook, we’ll be keeping our ears on Holodeck Records’ artists coming to SA July 24th.