Stop Calling San Antonio a Rock Town

Stop Calling San Antonio a “Rock Town”or metal-town or whatever it is… 

We have to stop calling San Antonio “the 7th largest city” in America. It’s an embarrassing asterisk of a stat. Another common label citizens like to identify with is being a home town for rock & metal tunes. It is at least as inaccurate as the 7th largest city label and here’s why:

 San Antonio’s young population doesn’t listen to the radio and they don’t listen to stadium rock acts. San Antonio is largely Hispanic and if people got out of their safety bubble once or twice in the last 10 years, they would see that brown folks don’t solely listen to Spanish language music, if at all. Most 3rd (and even 2nd) generation Hispanics barely speak Spanish, not mention listen to Spanish language music. SA’s Hispanic population identifies and listens to hip-hop more than any other genre of music. (I’d love for you to find data on this). While cumbia and salsa can be found all over the city, it is not what people listen to in their cars, at home or in their earbuds. It’s mostly pop & hip-hop groups with a little bit of Coachella bands sprinkled in, or it’s all:

Electronic dance, trap, dubstep, and all the other subgenres of the current massive-not-so-underground-anymore rave festival things, are king. Just like the way Rock was king back in the day when people bought CDs, listened to the radio and watched MTV (no one does that anymore), people today listen to Calvin Harris while at CrossFit and then go home and make a YouTube playlist.

(this is in Lubbock TX for EDM- meanwhile a band that 99.5 KISS plays couldn’t fill 210Kapones on a Friday night) 

(this is in Lubbock TX for EDM- meanwhile a band that 99.5 KISS plays couldn’t fill 210Kapones on a Friday night) 

EDM makes more money than rock music does. The highest paid performers in the world are largely pop, hip-hop and DJs acts. There exist high paid rock acts like Bon Jovi and The Eagles, but that’s only because our parents are still alive and shell out ridiculous amounts of money to go to an arena to spend even more money. A large number of bands that soared in popularity in the 90s, they barely sell out 1000 capacity clubs anymore.  99.5 KISS will air bands that can’t fill 210Kapones, but Skrillex and Flying Lotus continue to flourish without a home on the air.

In the WW2 era, big band and jazz were king, but a mere 20 years later, rock & roll became the standard. The jazz greats were pushed to the sidelines of popular culture. Today, this is not the case. Today’s greats are not fulfilling their potential because older generations cater to their peer group. Back when rock was king, it was mostly male performers. This phallocentric, narrow genre of deep voiced dudes with pretty hair-is a thing of the past. #sorrynotsorry. stop calling SA a rock town. That was then. This is now. It’s our time. Our time down here. but its all over once we ride up Troy’s bucket.