Pharrell, Dre and Beats vs Hov, Bey and Tidal

This is getting dumb real quick. Pharrell is "among the artists in talks to be involved with the forthcoming relaunch of Beats Music -- expected in June, according to sources who spoke to Billboard last week "(Billboard) . He was not a part of the list of megastars associated with the rerelease of Tidal. These exclusive deals and divisions highlight the problem with music being licensed to specific products and services. 

On April 4th, Beyonce released a new song called "Die With You" exclusively on Tidal yet, it seemed to come with out the accompanying social media clamor and didn't blow up my radar like most things Beyonce releases. Plus, within moments of it's release, the track was available on YouTube.

These competing services could require listeners to pay Apple to listen to Pharrell and Dr Dre's music while subscribing to a completely different service in order to listen to other artists (or resort to illegal streams or downloads).

This situation is a set major set back. Of course artists should get paid to the max, but there are two parties at the negotiating table and you can bet the Major 4 labels: Universal, Sony, EMI, Warner aren't showing up hat-in-hand asking the almighty Streaming Gods to "please sir, please stream our poor artists' music, you can pay us pittance!" <- not happening. If these services further divide music into something resembling leagues or networks, it will bring us to a worse situation than where we were post-Napster.



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