Doses and Mimosas

ACL After party at the Vulcan Gas Co in Austin, TX

By John Kerr "SHUGGZ"

"WOW" can only begin to describe this unparalleled ACL After Party. Hippie Sabotage and motherfunkin' Cherub blew the roof off the stellar Vulcan Gas Company on Saturday night. 

The Vulcan know what they're doing. For example, when you walk in, you know this isn't going to be like any show you've ever seen. The horseshoe bar, the small, yet intense stage with a beautiful wrap around balcony... no matter where one is at, your favorite band feels like an arms reach away. The production was absolutely unbelievable, the lighting and sound are better than most larger venues and even the lounge area upstairs feels nothing short of baller-status. 

Hippie Sabotage turned out to be pleasant surprise. They started off slow and let the music do what it does best. Starts with a head bob, then you're smiling, and all of a sudden your hands are in the air and you're jumpin through the ceiling! You may not know these guys but we've all heard them. They did a rendition of Tove Lo's "Habits (Stay High) Official Remix" and the more familiar "Your Soul". As Hippie Sabotage performed those songs, the whole place flipped upside down. It felt like the building was jumping with every fist hitting the air in unison. Absolutely unforgettable. Do yourself a favor and throw those tracks on your playlist and when they come back around, kick the handles off the next venue.

CHERUB. These funksters are awesome live. I listen to their album 'Year of the Caprese' on constant on repeat. These guys tour with a full band and they can throw it down. Jason, (lead) laid down a blistering guitar solo that was out of this world. It was like everyone knew every word and made for the highest energy set I've ever seen. It was also Jason's birthday, and yes we sang "Happy Birthday" to him. 

As "Doses and Mimosas" slowly began and I noticed the bartender slinging out bottles of the bubbly. Yup - the song hits and the place turns into a monsoon of champagne. Fans are blowing out their vocal chords screaming the song at the top of their lungs. The most amazing thing I've ever seen. Cherub, absolutely killed it. They have officially written the book on how to celebrate an ACL After Party.

It was an epic and unforgettable night with Cherub and Hippie Sabotage at the Vulcan Gas Company. Hands down one of the most amazing shows I've ever been to. It makes you love your favorite band even more when their live performance blows your expectations out of the water. The perfect cocktail, Cherub, Hippie Sabotage at the VGC brought to by C3. Hats off guys.


Authors Side Note: Cherub, if you're reading this, I want still want the picture with George(dog mascot), cause he's DTF!