The San Antonio Music Cheat Sheet

The other day on Twitter, a question was posed by @tirpakma: “Where do outsiders go or what can they do to get involved with the music scene or become informed of what is happening in music around the city.”

Different people want different music experiences. Visitors and tourists may be in town for only a handful of nights and more than likely are not looking for a warehouse rave in a yet-to-be-gentrified industrial part of town. Some tourists and convention goers downtown aren’t mobile; they don’t have their own car. Service members may be in town for weeks or months at a time and have a higher likely hood of having a car and can drive to different parts of town for various events.

Each layer of the music business in San Antonio targets different people. Depending on what a person is looking for and when they want to do it, there is a way to inform and fulfill those plans. If the question is a general “What is there available to do tonight?” A quick glance at Do210.com could take care of that. Yet, a person who wants to see This Will Destroy You or Riverboat Gamblers probably won’t care about a celebrity appearance or a boy band at the AT&T Center. Alamo City Music Hall has become a hot spot for nationally touring hip-hop acts but it isn’t a nightly, predictable, fail-proof stop. You can just show up to ACMH and expect to fall into a show.

 photo by Michelle Gonzales

With limited time and limited funds, many people’s live music experience is intentional. Buying a ticket to one of your favorite musicians takes priority over a random Friday night on the Strip.

The number one way people learn about shows and learn about what happens in music in SA is word of mouth and social media. PR blasts that news organizations post are also highly visible, but won't fall on a visitors' radar. Most bands, rappers, DJs make Facebook events of their shows and even the venues like Paper Tiger and The Tobin Center make Facebook events for nationally touring acts’ local tour dates.

We created a “San Antonio Music Cheat Sheet” that will be updated as needed (and ) and we’ll be adding a San Antonio Music Directory. This Cheat Sheet lists venues and spaces where much of the core of the music scene takes place.