Unidentified: Autechre Visited Texas

we received a contribution from a central Texas electronic music producer who wishes to remain anonymous. and there's more coming:


I recently saw Autechre in Austin and I have to admit I hadn’t really payed attention to them for some time but when I was invited, I decided to catch up. Listening to their discography is an exercise in frustration that I thoroughly enjoy. They absolutely NEVER do what you’re preparing for them to do. At the show there was some kid dancing the dubstep shuffle in front of me and I kept seeing him tense up for a drop that never came. I bet it came as a surprise to him and others that Autechre performs in complete darkness. 
One minute it’s these intricate percussive elements and some pad synths, the next second the composition has built into cacophonous madness with no discernible process. At any given moment you’re completely unaware of how it all got to this point. Listen to Autechre with time to enjoy it and nothing bothering you. Autechre is the kind of music you hear and you think “I could totally do this” but you cant. Take your midi controller and Go Home! Perfect music for angsty teenagers who don’t want to talk to their parents, or angsty grown ups who don’t want to talk to the shitty humans around them.