New Music Friday - Pure Bathing Culture

I came across Pure Bathing Culture this summer listening to satellite radio channel SiriusXMU. They do good work digging for new music and airing the type of bands that push genre boundaries and further the art form. Pure Bathing Culture create a nu-gaze dreampop that has elements of Cocteau Twins, Beach House and even The Smiths. The duo's new album Pray For Rain is a polished evolution of their previous record Moon Tides, with synthesizers and drum machine beats are clean and neat but with out an overly produced feel. At times, Pray For Rain sounds like an attempt at recreating the magic of their first singles that leaves me rather unsatisfied but the album seems to find a new spark in songs like "Singer" and the summery "She Shakes." The sophomore curse may not fully apply to this new album because there are some really good, quality songs on Pray For Rain, but it's no where as cathartic as Moon Tides' "Pendulum" or "Scotty".

It was announced Tuesday that Pure Bathing Culture will be performing at SXSW2016, full list of first round bands here