Ila Minori Heads to Europe to Promote EP

Ila Minori, best known for her heavy moody bass and western guitar chords that coincide with her low celestial voice and could be found hosting open mic night at Sancho’s gave Sobre Sound a listen to new track ‘Gritty Streets of Rome’ before embarking on a tour to Italy and Germany this winter in support of the EP.

Minori explained that the EP will be feature a few songs off the new record + acoustic live sessions that she had recorded in July with her producer Jason Rubal who had worked with artists such as Amanda Palmer and the Cure.

Ila Minori gave Sobre Sound a clip of song “Gritty Streets of Rome” you could listen to here:

It is a great song because despite the title, it captures the essence of a Texas girl out of element with bluesy western guitar chords that capture the loneliness and heart of a modern day vagabond.

“What helps me stay driven is love and romance.  Traveling and this mystical thing about the song and how it gives me the opportunity to heal from the things in life that may bring you down or distract people.” Ila Minori explained to Sobre Sound.  “But at the end of the day for me it's art that drives me to have this desire to write and then create, and then connect.  The creation or the cycle of living, loving, hurting...writing about it, recording it....and now the album is its own entity separate from the me, the artist. Now I work for the record. My job is to promote the record now...which is one way of heading my songs.”

The entire collection of songs has the knitty gritty Jewel-esque angst that can still channel the emotion either acoustically or with full band and will be released in an album later on this year in the United States. 

You can catch Ila Minori on Saturday, Nov. 14 at Imagine Books and Records alongside Alix Williams, State Sponsored Programming and Cat the Manapult. More details here