K23 Presents: Gary Wilson

Influence can exist in many forms and come from any number of things we’re exposed to in our lives. We each have our own methods for allowing new music to enter our routines. While many sources of tastemaking can be found online and in our social media feeds, today in San Antonio there are a number of places we can go to listen and learn. Resident DJs around town at Tuckers or Southtown 101, college radio like KRTU & KSYM and venues who routinely bring artists that are in the trenches of the their career.

His music makes me laugh. It makes me feel normal about my low-level weirdness.
— Glenn Hotvet

On December 11, K23 Gallery will host the cult-classic, experimental musician Gary Wilson. Gary Wilson is like the original Ariel Pink, or like an underground DIY Talking Heads. Beck was greatly influenced by Wilson’s self-produced album You Think You Really Know Me and references Wilson in Beck’s smash hit song Where Its At. The people behind Sub-Pop records cite Wilson as big influence on them as well. A documentary filmed by Michael Wolk, chronicles Gary Wilson’s life and career and aptly titled You Think You Really Know Me: The Gary Wilson Story.


We asked the owners of K23 Gallery why Gary Wilson:

Gem: Why is a good question. The first time I heard Gary Wilson I was maybe nineteen years old and I was very creeped out. I am an obnoxiously huge fan of Beck. I was given You Think You Really Know Me because of the shoutout to Gary on Two Turntables And A Microphone. A couple of songs into the album I was sort of confused and a little offended. I didn't understand what I was listening to. I didn't listen to it again for a long time, but I never could forget that music. Once I was a little older and had better developed musical tastes I gave it another chance and something just clicked. It really appeals to my love of lounge-pop, music inspired by horror movies, and awkward human emotion. I identified with those angsty lyrics full of rejection. I know too well what it's like having affection for someone who just didn't get you.

Glenn: His music makes me laugh. It makes me feel normal about my low-level weirdness.

Gem: I'm a huge fan of his music and love exposing other music lovers to him for the first time. He was the very first artist that I perused to play at K23 and it is an honor to get to host him in our space. Finding out that other people in the music community that I respect are fans as well has been really great. Marcus Rubio, who is a fan as well, will be providing direct support for The Blind Dates with his band More Eaze. Rob Martinez and Torin Metz, who are both also fans and members of several local bands, will be providing the house sounds for the evening with their DJ project Smokey Robinsins.


WHO:     Gary Wilson & The Blind Dates
                 More Eaze (Marcus Rubio)
                 DJ set by Smokey Robinsins
WHERE: K23 Gallery
                 704 Fredericksburg Rd.
WHEN:   Dec 11
                 8 p.m.

                $8 presale / $10 door