Pinche Leche and Xy!o to release 'House of Relaxation'

“I’m really excited about this since it’s my first release. I’ve been asked for two years now when the hell I’m going to be coming up with recorded music.” Pink Leche told Sobre Sound

Before, one would have to wait for a live Pink Leche performance to booty bounce and get a groove going, but after tomorrow, thats all going to change. 

This Friday at Bottom Bracket Social Club,  Pink Leche who makes "queer bass music straight out of San Antonio’s southeast side, blending R&B, house, post punk, chopped and screwed with a ton of sass" and Xy!o will release their collaborative project alongside their friends and aLr & the Boosh Kids. 

Though the name of their new EP is called 'House of Relaxation', Pink Leche and Xy!o are releasing music that is everything but. For example,  the title track having lyrics are all about chilling and relaxing but the beat makes you want strut your stuff and shake it. You can get a taste of it here:

“Xy!o reached out to me and said he wanted to come out with a split EP and so that really helped me get into the studio. That was one of those barriers I was having trouble with, actually having myself record professionally. Now that I have done it, I’ve made connections with 9001 Studios and now I’m going to be working with them more to come out with a full length album.” Pink Leche disclosed. 

In preparation for their upcoming EP release on November 20th, Xy!o and Pink Leche hit the stage at La Botánica for a pre-Halloween party.

According to the press release, Xy!o (zy-loh) is the Electronic project of local San Antonio musician Sam Shebin. Xy!o's music consists of wave upon wave of textures tied to dusty grooves that give way to emotional highs, and 808 lows. Representing First Caste Records, Xy!o has always grown from hip-hop roots, and also blends the future sounds of house, to psychedelic blues, and r&b soul. The upcoming split EP release with Xy!o & Pink Leche titled "House of Relaxation" features this energy in creating a hybrid of styles and a wide range of musicality. Self sampling his vocals, and instrumentation, Xy!o's music especially live creates an experience of the warmest blue tones your ears will ever see.

"My side of the EP shows you the range of what I’m doing. I tweaked some songs that you may be familiar with like 1680 Click that has been reworked to make them more ‘now’ and give them new textures and that is what I had asked Xy!o to help me with, to add more texture to my music.

Newer songs are “House of Relaxation” and “Strut” which are ‘dancier’ tracks. That’s what I’m going into, more housey, because I want people to have more fun. What I see with people that come to my shows is that it’s all about my banter, sassiness, but then my music, some of it can be chopped and screwed, and people get really into when I have dancier tracks so that’s something I want to incorporate more.” Pink Leche expained. 

Apart from ungraded and new music, Pink Leche stated he would also incorporate more of an artistic aethetic as well with reflective ponchos, masked dancers, feisty banter and, of course pink vinyl tape.

Show starts at 10 p.m. at set times are as followed:

10:30 PinkLeche

11:30 aLr & the Boosh kids

12:30 Xy!o