Must-See Hip-Hop and Dance at FunFunFun Fest

Joey Bada$$ - We can confirm, that yes, Joey Bada$$ is, in fact, a badass. His new record B4.DA.$$ is one of the best albums of 2015. A hook from "Big Dusty": "Check my styles check check check it out." will get in your head for days. Performs SATURDAY 4:10 PM BLUE STAGE

Gesaffelstein - This French producer and DJ specializes in the dark and heavy dance jams. Gothdance or dark techno, some of Gesaffelstein's more current tracks even have some basslines that sound trap inspired, I'm definitely trying not to miss this set. Gesaffelstein fits rather well with bands like Skinny Puppy and Venom. Performs SATURDAY 5:00 BLUE STAGE

Afrikka Bambaataa - The Grandfather of hip hop, Bam possibly influenced everything that could be touched in music for decades. In this clip from the documentary Scratch, the film makers take a few minutes to examine and speak to Kevin Donovan, Afrikka Bambaataa, about the early days and evolutions of breakbeat and hip-hop. DJs SUN 2:55 BLUE STAGE

Schoolboy Q - I saw Q in San Antonio on the Strip back in 2014 and people were going nuts. Read my review of the show over at PuroPinche.com. TDE artists such as Kendrick Lamar, SZA and Schooboy Q have been owning the headlines over last few years..pretty sure this performance will be as intense as ever. Performs FRIDAY 8:45 BLUE STAGE

MSTRKRFT – This Canadian duo create club bangers that go hard and their performances are an intense load of FUN. They have a crazy story about Mexico I need to try to piece back together, it migh "ALL I DO IS PARTY HA- HA- HA - HA". Perform SUNDAY 6:10 BLUE STAGE

Rae Sremmurd - With possibly some of the most fire live performances in music at the moment, this duo defies criticisms and can not only pack a venue, but create such an explosive atmosphere their impact and role cannot be ignored or brushed off as a fad. "Just because it rhymes, doesn't mean its rap." and "it's not really a 'performance' if you rely on a backtrack." All that noise can fuck off, with over 289 MILLION YouTube views, I doubt they give a shit about your criticisms. "I'm just livin life." Perform FRIDAY 7:35 BLUE STAGE

Roosevelt – Relatively new to my musical radar, this disco-y, electro-pop producer from Germany is on the record label Greco-Roman that helped break Disclosure and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. Hot Chip's Joe Goddard has also been helping out at the record label and probably has a little something to do with's Roosevelt's music being so well constructed and put together. Super excited for this dance party, the 2013 EP Elliot is a highly suggested listen. Performs SATURDAY 1:20 BLUE STAGE

Peaches - Peaches hasn't made much headlines in the past few years but her new record out this past September, Rub, has features by Kim Gordon and Feist and has more of the intense, minimal suggestive tracks like "Vaginoplasty" and "Dick In The Air": "Let me see you put your, put your - Dick Dick Dick". In "Dick In The Air", Peaches flips the script of the default misogyny of popular club tracks, instead of singing about "Ass & Titties and Big Bootied Bitches" its: "Balls, balls, dick, dick, balls & dick." Performs FRIDAY 5:10 BLUE STAGE. 

Doomtree - underground rap collective from the the north have been at it since the 2001 as a group. I saw them at SXSW back in either '07 or '08 and they were pretty hype, had a good time. Doomtree are all about the rhymes and lyricism, yet expand their accompanying music beyond beats and traditional hip-hop. All Hands earlier this year in January is heavily electronic with saw-synths and trap influenced bass lines. Perform SUNDAY 3:55 BLUE STAGE.