Rock & Brews makes Texas debut in San Antonio

KISS founders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley (pictured) open first Rock & Brews in Texas at AT&T Center. All photos by Alyssa Bunting

KISS founders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley (pictured) open first Rock & Brews in Texas at AT&T Center. All photos by Alyssa Bunting

Apart from still touring with their legendary rock band, KISS founders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have also found the time to dabble in the restaurant business. Since 2012, they have been opening small chains in various locations around the United States and Mexico called Rock & Brews, and as of yesterday, San Antonio became their 10th location inside in the AT&T Center.

“Interestingly with the AT&T Center being redone, it seemed like a natural fit for us to come in.” guitarist, lead singer Paul Stanley told Sobre Sound. “San Antonio really has a long history with the band. I certainly have some great memories of being here. It’s also military central, the band has always been big, big supporters of the military giving quite a bit of money to wounded warriors and it felt right.”

Video of Paul Stanley singing the National Anthem at yesterday's Spurs v. Lakers game among military personnel, hours after the grand opening of Rock & Brews can be seen below:


If you’re a diehard member of the KISS Army or even if you’ve ever caught an episode of Gene Simmons Family Jewels, it’s known that Simmons is no stranger to the business world. So Sobre Sound asked Starchild how he joined in the game (being as we’ve always seen him as the more artistic type).

“The only the strong survive. I’ve been doing this a long time and part of surviving means that you have to eat. So I want to make sure I eat the kind of food that I like,” Stanley explained. “And the kind of food I like is the kind of food people like so we celebrate classic rock and roll in an atmosphere where you can get great craft beer, you can get great food and hang out. It’s a place that I would want to go to. Basically what I wanted was a place that would feel comfortable to me. It’s not a place that celebrated dead people with their clothing on the wall, this isn’t a funeral parlor to rock n roll. This is about celebrating rock n roll and having a great time with your friends.”

Apart from an impressive selection of band art and album covers that line the walls, an impressive selection of craft beers can be found at Rock & Brew; including many from local breweries such as Freetail Helles, Alamo Brewing Golden Ale, Branchline Silver and Black IPA and Busted Sandal Slippery Rock IPA. The menu ranges in American comfort food such as fish tacos, burgers, wings, and isn’t shy of healthier options.


On the subject of music and togetherness, Sobre Sound asked Stanley what advice he’d have for the local music scene as to which he said, “Don’t listen to anyone who tells you, you can’t do it. But also if you start to doubt yourself, maybe you should find something else to do, cause there’s no room for doubt.”

Rock & Brews business hours correspond with the AT&T Center’s.