The Greatest New Band Names That Could Have Been: 2015 Edition

They say the most difficult part of creating a band is coming up with a name for it. Here at Sobre Sound, with music constantly on our brains, our editors have a mutual tendency to interrupt conversations with "THAT WOULD MAKE A GREAT BAND NAME." Some of history's favorite bands had wacky names at first like On a Friday became Radiohead, Rat Salad became Van Halen, and so on.

Well, we've collected our favorites over the year and behold, the first of a possible annual list with  potential band names that could have been 2015:

  • Yoga Breath
  • Banana Feels
  • Espresso Time Machine
  • Mushroom Waterpark
  • Hippy Whore House
  • Sneaky Squirrel Gypsies
  • Violent Jihadis
  • Fooled by Stimuli


  • Forever and Ever
  • Garbage Baby
  • Mango Flan
  • Alien Elbows
  • Teethmouth
  • Stockholm Syndrome
  • Vague and Nebulous
  • Lemon Chip and the Bean Dips
  • Tetris Body Language
  • Cosmos Poeticas
  • Flaming Skeleton
  • Shried Frimp
  • Taco Terrors
  • Judy and the Flies