A New Music Christmas

The Beatles are now streaming, new music from Radiohead, LCD Soundsytem, Nicodxmvxs & Lajit and Greenday. 

The holiday music gods brought us a new Christmas song from LCD Soundsystem, it's their first track after a 5 year hiatus, the song is very reminiscent of "New York I Love You but You're Bringing Me Down" and that's not necessarily a bad thing because, do sad songs about Christmas that are good even exist? 

Radiohead released the 007 Spectre theme song they submitted for the blockbuster franchise but the movie's producers ultimately didn't go with it, fortunately for us, we still get to enjoy the song. It's very cinematic with "Pyramid Song" piano and vocal stylings, good stuff. As you might have heard by now, The Beatles are now streaming the bulk of their catalog on streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music and here at Sobre Sound, we have been geeking out for days. The American pop punk band Green Day put out a Christmas jam, you can listen below.

Regionally, hip-hop producer Nicodxmvs and rappers LaJIT & Western Tink released a new track called "Twenty Fo Hours Ain't Shit." It's a laid back jam with an atmosphere fitting for these grey winter days.