K23 Presents: Föllakzoid

The first K23 Presents at The Paper Tiger happens tomorrow, Thursday night with the internationally touring, Levitation performing, psych-pop group Föllakzoid. The 4 piece from Santiago, Chile, stops by San Antonio days before performing at the festival this weekend.  Originally, the show was to be held at K23 Gallery on Fredericksburg Rd. but was relocated for a collaborative event effort.


Föllakzoid create lengthy songs that average upwards to 10 minutes. Their driving grooves can be dark and cinematic, and are explorations of dynamics and mood that conjure 60s jam bands with a modern spin.  The heavy delay and reverb on the vocals are coupled with noise-rock style guitars that burst and pulsate periodically throughout their work. Föllakzoid don’t just make use of distortion and guitars but use synthesizers and drumming styles that mimic electronic beats. They recorded their latest EP “III” with German producer Atom who reportedly used a synthesizer that use to belong to Kraftwerk to complete the EP.

Also on tomorrow’s bill at Paper Tiger is the Austin band, How I Quit Crack and Mount Sherpa from San Antonio. HIQC is an experimental electronic duo whose textured soundscapes utilize a range of sonic techniques to construct detailed compositions that make you wonder whether or not they really did quit using crack. Mount Sherpa is a relatively new 3 piece out of San Antonio, their instrumental EP “Tabors Head” released last summer, at times has the feel of a Mogwai album, with ranging dynamic intensity and non-traditional song structures. This psych-prog-experimental lineup should not only be a citywide curiosity, but a night of trance-like, jam-style rock music to help all our minds disconnect from the rat race and zone into the aural atmosphere.

The event’s significance can be found in the talent, sure, but also in the partnership between Paper Tiger and K23 Gallery. K23 has been knocking it out of the park with events and bands they have hosted at the gallery, and now Gem and Glenn Hotvet are taking their programming into new territory. Paper Tiger recognized the Psychfest Levitation band booked at K23, reached out for a collaborative effort and relocated the show from the art gallery to the music venue. While K23 has been booking live music at their gallery, this is the first K23 Presents at the St Mary’s Strip venue. Föllakzoid from Santiago, Chile tomorrow night at Paper Tiger is a do-not-miss-event, doors at 9pm, tickets are only $7. 

Follakzoid (Sacred Bones Records) (Chile)


HIQC - how i quit crack (ATX)

Mount Sherpa (SATX)

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more details: https://www.facebook.com/events/816559785104435