Slowlikefire sings the body eclectic on “City of Echoes”

The Slowlikefire members, who call San Antonio home, have eclectic musical tastes. Shades of Glassjaw, Incubus and Circa Survive are hinted at, making it clear that each one of these guys has their own musical foundation. Slowlikefire's first full-length album, “City of Echoes” is out May 9, a follow up to the 2013 release “Thieves by Nature.” Their first release contained the single “My Name is Billie Jean Davy” which received air-play on San Antonio’s 99.5 KISS. 

The sound from top to bottom is similar in some ways to Slowlikefire's older stuff, but only in the same way you would relate yourself to past lives. Each song has its own identity and is unmistakable for any of the other tracks. Here, Slowlikefire constantly and noticeably challenges each other on each song. They have grown by leaps and bounds on this album. Both musically and lyrically there is more than before in the terms of layers, grooves, complexities and a sound that is more tightly maintained.  

The track “Mirrors from Morning” has the strongest pop-driven chorus melody on the album and ended up being the track I listened to more than the others. It has a careful arrangement and the percussion backbone is methodically stretched full in a way that brings to mind the drums of Circa Survive. The bridge and the harmonies had me certain that if this wasn’t the band’s first choice for a single it has to be their second.

“Autumn Grey” is a perfect example of each song having its own identity. It opens up with a completely different feel and a twangy guitar that leads way to harmonies, some unique vocal cadences and the first mainly acoustic track of the album.

Their single, “Steps To Forever” feels like a culmination of all the best pieces of the songs that lead to the final track.  It is a good pick for the bands first single. It's hypnotic timing and eclectic vocal styling’s close out the album in a formidable fashion.

 “I wear my emotions in my lyric writing.” Vocalist Jojo Badillo said.

There was a lot of back and forth in the song writing that mirrored a relationship that was having its ups and downs at the time. The chaotic pacing of the narrative on “City of Echoes” matches the feelings that a lot of listeners will probably relate to. The lyrics reflect doubts encompassed in faith for someone that you care about and the cycle that creates.

“City of Echoes” has a careful chaos built into it that is filled with calm melodies that rival its breakdowns and a symmetry that holds on long enough to lead back to a raw and powerful finish.

Slowlikefire will have their “City of Echoes” CD release party on May 9 at The Korova where you will be able too see the guys live and pickup their album and other cool merch.