Sobre Spotlight: Blithe

Any musician with experience in the industry can tell you about the tumultuous process that comes with having a band. Anything ranging from band mates who are not serious about making music to the hassle of booking gigs and just getting your band’s name out there.

 Fortunately for San Antonio heavy rock band Blithe, each member has at least a loop of experience under their belts. With their February 13 debut show at Bottom Bracket Social Club still fresh, the band has hit the ground running and already have an 8 song album with Texas is Funny Records titled ‘False Sense of Entitlement’ and are about to kick off their first tour this Friday at the Ten Eleven.

Blithe is made up of Ryan Ward for vox, Brian Henderson on guitar, Cameron Taylor on guitar, Jared Flores on bass and Ethan Campa on drums.

“We’re all in many other bands like Ghost Police and the Grasshopper lies heavy and I went on tour with them last summer as a roadie merch girl, just to help out and we just collaborated and started talking about trying to make a band that was like groovy, danceable but still kind of aggressive.” Blithe front man Ryan Ward told Sobre Sound.

“We just started jamming together back in September and we practiced once a week for a few months then just wrote some songs as like a full set. We had like 8 songs written before we had even performed live and through the scene we made connections so we didn’t really have to start at the bottom, kind of arrogantly we were like ‘Oh let’s have a debut show’ Cause we didn’t want to open up for people.”

Ward said that before the band had even played a live show they had performed on KSYM and KRTU due to just having the right connections from other bands the guys are in.

Sobre Sound created a semi-comprehensive outline of how involved the member of Blithe are within the music scene.

Through each band the members are in have their own sound, Blithe finds influence from Chinese Stars, The Blood Brothers, and Death from Above 1979 for their unique Fall of Troy-esque dirty bass lines and dance grooves.

 “The guys are all super talented musicians, I kind of got it made I just stand there and act like an asshole really. And these guys just write great stuff, I had a couple of bass line ideas that I showed Jared and he took them and made them his own and everyone just kind of layered on top of that,” said Ward on the fundamentals and song writing process. “It kind of starts with different people like we just play with an idea and if somebody doesn’t like it then we just scrap it, everyone has to be in on it.”

After the kick-off show at the Ten Eleven, Blithe plans to tour for 14 days and cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time.

“We’re going Houston, Lafayette, New Orleans, and then to Jacksonville, Atlanta then up the east coast to North Carolina . We’re playing two nights in Brooklyn and then we’re playing in Connecticut and then we go over to  Chicago then back down the Midwest, Kansas city, Little Rock, and Austin,” explained Ward.

On the bill with them for the Kick off show are The Oblios, Hypersleep (formally known as Ex Machine), and Spokesmodel.

 “We’re really stoked to have Spokesmodel play they’re one of my favorite bands, they’ve been one of my favorite bands for a while and they don’t really play to often now Erick Sandoval the drummer, of Grasshopper and he’s in Spokesmodel now and they actually just got a bass player now, cause their used to be two guitarists so I’m excited to see the full rounded up lineup.”

Blithe’s tour kick off at the Ten Eleven starts at 9 p.m. with $5 at the door, you can find more information on it here.