Happy Birthday K23 Gallery

From works of art that have lined the walls, the diverse music that has reverberated through the walls, the people you meet and what you take away within the walls, if one could begin to describe K23 Gallery, it could seem as though one talking about the atmosphere of Studio 54 or other spaces turned amazing by the environments they host.

In the past year K23 has not only been a staple location (despite a change in address) in the wave of talent that has come through and surrounds San Antonio, it’s a home whose doors are opened to the community. Glenn and Gem Hotvet have brought in events that appeal to almost everything and everyone in a cultural or entertainment scale from hosting events such as "Bike Smut", to the number of artists who have showcased their passion and skill on the walls, to musicians who have come far and wide or in certain cases, just right down the street.

The one year birthday bash was everything we loved about K23 all rolled up into one night. Local and touring musicians joined forces to celebrate the year anniversary. Babyfangs opened up the night followed by the Bolos who shook the room with their heavy rock tinted with blues. Mockingbird Express channelled levels of psychedelic from astro planes that haven’t been visited since the 70s. The Rich Hands onstage presence makes it abundantly clear that they have a lot of fun doing what they do. Burger Records’ Warm Soda straight off their European tour closed out the night and had the crowd dancing among balloons to their power glam rock rhythm.

Glenn and I are overwhelmed with the support we received at our birthday party. It was my birthday a couple weeks ago and two of the members of Warm Soda celebrated their birthdays this week, so the celebrating was multiplied for us. We're really thrilled with how things have turned out this year. In the next year we have some fantastic art and music showcases in store and a few crazy ideas that we are going to try our damndest to make into a reality.” Gem Hotvet told Sobre Sound after the soiree.

Happy Birthday K23! Thank you for providing a home for our local cultural scene and for making such a great impact, we look forward to the months to come!