Amazon To Pay Authors Per Page Read - Could This Happen In Music?

A new payout structure from Amazon not only violates the privacy of readers, it is a devaluing of literature and hard work. By forcing readers to agree to new terms, the recently rolled out royalty method only pays authors per page read of their book. A person will pay Amazon upfront for an e-book, but if they don't ever read it or only read a few chapters, the author will essentially get nothing, while Amazon cashes in. 

While news of this new pay structure hit the headlines a few weeks ago,  The Guardian wrote a piece about how the implications could change the way literature is written and read, not just royalty payments. 

The current dialogue over music royalties and the choreographed squabble between Taylor Swift and Apple, regarding streaming royalties, made every headline due to payout structure. The bottom line is that artists should be paid fairly for their work. The discussion though, did not expand to writers' royalties from digital distribution. There is no current or legal way for a distributor to track pages read of a physical book, therefore authors get a full royalty. By tracking reading habits and applying that to payment, Amazon shifted the value of the work to be based on what the customer does with the product after purchasing. By collecting data on individuals' reading habits directly from their devices, Amazon changed the nature of doing business and according to The Guardian, will alter literature altogether.