Ruidoson in San Antonio

Ruidoson literally translates into "noise music" and it's been taking over the Latin DJ culture in Northern Mexico. On Sunday July 26, San Antonio gets a taste of the electronic folk genre through Tony Gallardo II who performs as María y José at Hi Tones. 

Claudia Saenz aka Tear Drop of Chulita Vinyl Club has taken on a new project "Eventos Tear Drop" and opened the doors of opportunity to bring María y José to San Antonio for the first time.

"I'm excited for this one! It's going to be a great show featuring some of the best in Mexico and TX," Tear Drop told Sobre Sound. "I'm teaming up with Nuevos Esquemas to throw this prime event. Eventos Tear Drop acts as a medium to host shows the south TX/Central TX paisa/chican@/mexican@/latin@ raza would enjoy and appreciate." Winston Rivas, the mastermind of Nuevos Esquemas, has been accompanying María y José on his tour in the United States. 

Chulita Vinyl Club

Chulita Vinyl Club

"We have been huge fans of Tony ever since he first came out, he is truly one of the most innovative producers and performers in Mexico. His ability to mix Tropical rhythms with lyrics of a dystopian Mexico is a reflection of the brutal but still beautiful" country to our south, Winston explained. "Tony's music shows that even in a drug torn, corruption filled state, there is thirst for going out and having fun. Tony is partly responsible for the revitalization of his hometown Tijuana, transforming it culturally from a place where gringos entice their vices to a burgeoning music city years ahead musically (compared to) the rest of Mexico. It's a great honor to bring him to SA and we see it as a great chance for SA to experience a different narrative of 'Mexican music' stripped of any commercial tangles or predisposed ideas."

Joining María y José at Hi-Tones will be San Antonio Cumbia caper-wave duo Nag Champa, who always creates a good time with their Internet culture visuals. On July 26th, Hi-Tones will also host "the saint of Sonidero Cumbia", Chico Ye, who according to Winston "a true reflection of the Rio Grand Valley with the humbleness of a Stripes barbacoa taco." 

According to Tear Drop, the fluidity of María y José cannot be confined to one genre, but perhaps a genre describing his sound as ever evolving, pushing boundaries with 3ball, electro cumbia, synthetic house and more. "San Antonio never fails in getting that dance floor moving but Maria y Jose definitely puts on a show and I think San Antonio will really enjoy it."

Doors open at 9 p.m. and $3 gets you in to the baile.