Yippee Ki Yay Records: Texas Caravan Tour

Is it all work and no play if you really enjoy what you do? Ryan Smith, aka DJ Proper Yarn, aka Yippee Ki Yay Productions, does more than your average person and goes above and beyond expectations. Not only for musicians based in San Antonio such as the Oblios, but Smith goes the extra mile for international musicians such as Bacon Fudge in Paris. Sobre Sound sat down with Smith to discuss his some of his projects and the upcoming tour. 

"Well, I grew up here and I went to school in Los Angeles for four years and had a blog and radio show under Proper Yarn and right after I graduated I moved to Dallas, I came back here for a week just to visit family and I ran into a friend of mine here and that's how the Yippee Ki Yay thing came about some what haphazardly," Smith explained when asked about how it all got started. 

Smith's friend knew of his work out in LA and once a week, Smith liked to sit down and look for new artists that later translated to Yippee Ki Yay. Smith explained that the process included a mix of bands approaching him and vice versa. Despite his two projects, Smith likes to keep his two personas separate. 

Starting Thursday July 23 at the Limelight, he is taking one of his projects on the road with some hometown heroes such as The Bolos, The Oblios and The Rich Hands titled the Yippee Ki Yay Caravan. With the coordination help of Nicolas Ivarra of the Rich Hands, part of the Yippee Ki Yay roster will perform at various places around Texas along side other supporting talent. 

Smith explained that he and the bands' members are all friends and share a practice space and have worked together on album releases and split tapes in the past. 

"It [the Caravan] came about because the Oblios and the Bolos have never really toured at all, where as The Rich Hands have and Nick [Ivarra] is just a master of tour. He's done many of them before in the past and has done countless of tours around Texas. About two days after we made the decision he pretty much had all the shows booked," Smith said. 

Bands partial to Yippee Ki Yay have had great opportunities and see new ones on the horizon. The Rich Hands recently played with Twin Peaks at 502 Bar and the Bolos will play with the Black Lips in September. The Caravan kicks off July 23 at Limelight with local surf rock band Junkie and will travel all around Texas and will have a number of Yippee Ki Yay band merch and cassette tapes available.