Beach House debuts first song "Sparks" off their upcoming fifth album

Dark beach indie duo Beach House has been lying low for a while so it came as no surprise when they announced a new tour that kicks off August 19 in Seattle and the release of their fifth album titled Depression Cherry to be released in the midst of it (August 28).

Yesterday, Spanish radio KTVE played an excerpt of a song titled "Sparks" off the album before the "official" debut on SiriusXMU later on. The song is a little off the beaten path in terms of what we're used to with Beach House. 

Their dark dreamy undertones are still audible, but with a band that normally starts off songs slow and builds them up, "Sparks" indeed sparked a surprise. 

The song begins with fast tempo-ed whimsical guitar distortion and Victoria Lagrand's psychedelic vox. 

"And then it's dark again, just like a spark," she croons over a low synthesizer that carries a deep organ-esque quality. "And then it comes again, just like a spark."

Check out the new song below. Beach House's only Texas tour date is in Houston at the House of Blues on Thursday, October 1. 

The Depression Cherry tracklist:

'Space Song' 
'Beyond Love' 
'Days of Candy'