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 All photos taken by Michelle Gonzles

All photos taken by Michelle Gonzles

It's not everyday that Texas politicians are seen in a good light, however State Representative Diego Bernal is the epitome of getting shit done. Apart from putting in enormous effort into trying to make San Antonio the best place it can be (i.e., hosting a series of community events as part of a listening tour with constituents in the Alamo City) he also is one of the contributors to the San Antonio music scene. Bernal joined forces with collaborating producers Sub Culture and artists such as  El G, GUIdance, Sweedish Erotica, TEFNYK, and X! for a truly unique visual and musical  experience at the Paper Tiger.

Before his performance, Bernal was featured in Sub Culture's Volume 3 podcast where he discussed his roots in music and politics.  "My mom was a big music person, there was always music in the house, she would play the piano by ear." Bernal states.

He also talks about how she was from Oakland and he grew up in a house hold where the Jazz and Soul styles of Oakland mixed in with the Tejano sounds of Texas.

You can hear the entire podcast below:

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