Sobre Selections: Potty Mouth

Pop punkettes, Potty Mouth have since slimmed down to a trio instead of a quartet since their last album "Hell Bent" came out in 2013, but they haven't lost their flare.

On August 21, these rad gals plan to release their new self titled E.P. on their own label titled Planet Whatever Records and are giving us a chance to check out it out by releasing the single "Cherry Picking".

With the common misconception that all female rock groups all fall under the "Riot Grrrl" category, the band reflects the movement but does not embody it. Meaning that just because they got their name from a Bratmobile album, does not mean that their poppy garage sound falls under the genre and the gals of Potty Mouth are kicking down the door that lumps female rock groups into one genre.

"I think people put a lot of stake in the legitimacy of bands as a collective, and project a singular image/brand on them. Some people are really good at that, they've totally got their shit down and it works, but I know for me, personally, that's been a weird struggle because people expected our band to fit into this riot grrl revival type thing, and that's just not us at all." 

Guitarist and vocalist for the band Abby Weems told The Fader in an interview.

"Cherry Picking" gives context that this E.P. has a little more of a pop feel than "Hell Bent" and the "Sun Damage" EP that was released back in 2012 though their heavy garage riffs are still present but over all the song abides by it's lyrics and is very "fresh, clean, cool."

The self titled E.P.'s track list is as followed:

1. “Cherry Picking” 
2. “Creeper Weed” 
3. “The Bomb” 
4. “Long Haul” 
5. “Truman Show”

Like what you hear? You can pre-order the EP here