A Midsummer's Rock Dream

By John Kerr aka "SHUGGZ"

Circuit of the Americas is such a kickass venue, if you've never been to it, no matter what you see, it'll get you off your ass! A long time waiting, Deftones and Incubus touring together again at last since "The Back To School Tour". I was super pumped to see Deftones and I was pretty excited about Incubus as well, but I haven't kept up with them since their Morning View release. S.C.I.E.N.C.E. and Fungus Amungus are still long time favorites. It's like combining a blast from the past and seeing new artists that you may have only heard of and it's always a great time!

How about Death From Above 1979? Loud! Loud and in your face, but in a digestible way that makes you bang your head, not run away. With heavily distorted guitar riffs and a tight snare that he bangs the hell out of, it was hard not to enjoy watching the drummer go ape shit, like he was trying to break his kit. Did I mention that he was the singer as well?? Death from above 1979 is an adrenaline-fueled controlled mess that is totally worth seeing! Definitely not thing to listen to if you're contemplating something stupid, cause you'll do it! Triple backflip, no prob! This is going to hurt...

Dear Deftones, missed you on Monday. NOLA must have been incredible the night before or the years of giving it everything you got has caught up to your vocal chords. As a fan of Deftones since I was a little kid, it was hard to listen to his voice screech and crack, I mean it really sounded painful. Chino totally gave it his all with respect. If you were there and never saw them before or forgot how badass these guys are, pick up the Adrenaline album and put on your seatbelt, they're still awesome and I will still see them again. Chino lay off the shellfish in a hundred degree heat, makes you look crazy! 

"Hello hello...? Is there anybody in there?" Yes- it's Incubus and they're fuckin' rad!! Killer everything and  sound production was a straight "wow!!" Wasn't excited to be honest and I feel like a punk. They sounded so good, it was like Chili Peppers' little brother, they're just getting better. Brandon ran around the stage with a creepy demon mask with glowing diamond eyes singing "Company With Wolves" trippin everybody out. Who knows maybe the Illuminati made him do it to sell more records?... They played "Stellar" for the first time since 2013, amazing. If you haven't seen them live before, now is the time and they're going stronger and better than ever. They also played Vitamin off the "Science" album, which is a huge favorite for most fans. The band and the lights coming together in intense perfection. Can't wait to see these guys again!! Flash backs and chills ensured...


Photos by Ricardo Romero 



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