DoStuff With White Denim

A little over a year ago, ride share had just hit the streets of SA, The Tobin Performing Arts Center opened and San Antonio was introduced to Do210. The online events discovery platform existed for many years in Austin and other cities but not in San Antonio. Immediately, the SA franchise of DoStuffMedia came out of the gate with sponsored events, ticket giveaways and partnerships that added the music scene's current boom.  What began as an RSVP system to SXSW events, is now a multi-million dollar company with franchises across the nation and shows no signs of slowing growth. 

After being in San Antonio for a little more than a year, Do210 has impacted the local music scene in more ways than providing concert listings. Do210 has helped bring exposure to local bands through the events they promote and help produce. While some in the industry have expressed concern over prices of ad space and other costs that make their platform inaccessible to struggling artists, their effect is mostly a net positive for the city. The DoStuff App is available through the Apple App Store and brings their events calendar to your iPhone (android version to be released at unspecified date). The cool thing is you don't have to download a second version if you're heading to Austin, Dallas or Houston, just specify what city and you'll have access to all the goodies you normally do. Another cool feature of the DoStuff App, is the ability to toggle between a list and map. The map shows where events are taking place around San Antonio, which is an incredibly handy feature, especially in a city with so many tourists and out-of-towners like the military. 

This Friday, Do210 celebrates the release of their new app at Limelight with White Denim's first ever performance in San Antonio. It is quite amazing that the Austin-based band has never performed here, considering they've been a fixture in many music fans' ears across the nation for some time now. 

White Denim are one of the few bands who manage to sound as raw and as emotionally evocative through studio produced albums as they did in their early stripped down, garagey work as a trio. Their 2009 singles "Regina Holding Hands" and "I Start To Run" brought the band international acclaim and landed them spots in festivals and even on a show by Radiohead's producer, Nigel Godrich, entitled "From The Basement". 

For admission to White Denim's first ever San Antonio performance, all you need to do is download the DoStuff App. Complimentary drinks will be provided by Goose Island Beer Co. and The Bike Waiter will serve appetizers (while supplies last). San Antonio bands Last Nighters and Levees will open the show which begins at 8pm. More details here.