This Will Destroy You

All Photographs by Ricardo Romero

All Photographs by Ricardo Romero

Austin has Explosions in the Sky, San Marcos has This Will Destroy You (despite some members being from here) and San Antonio has Bright Like the Sun. Last night made me realize that Central Texas is home to this holy trifecta of post rock.

If last night (Fri 9/25) could be summed up into one word it would be: emotional. There is something enchanting about music that can touch you with no words. However, post rock goes further than that, it pulls when some music just touches. It is heavy in the way that the ocean is heavy and it resonates deep within you. It’s not inspirational, it’s aspirational.

Bright Like the Sun

Bright Like the Sun bridges and solidifies another example of the storm of talent brewing within the local scene. The fluidity of their music displays a wide range of intricate talent the quintet has, yet there remains a certain quality that allows you to see what sound is radiating from who.

The passion the bands put into their music was glaring and I wouldn’t be surprised if they gained more fans last night.


It's astounding that such a big noise could come from such a small town, then I learned that several of TWDY members are actually from San Antonio, so it was not surprising many in the audience had been there with these guys since the beginning. 

“It’s been almost 20 years since we’ve played at this location,” Jeremy the guitarist said. “It’s good to be home. Thank you guys.”

I caught This Will Destroy You back in May at Austin Psychfest/Levitation under a giant tent and I was amazed, happy that was finally seeing them, but I wasn’t… satisfied. It didn’t move me in the way that I thought it would. Their performance on Friday was another story. Perhaps it is because the Paper Tiger was a more intimate setting, perhaps it’s because they added a violinist which adds a siren of myth quality to the ambience of their music or maybe because the lights were synchronized with the music as opposed to the built in feature of the stage under the Levitation tent.

There was no better way to end the night other than with “Quiet”, and I am so glad they did. It’s always great to hear from several members of such an epic band say, “We’re definitely coming back.”