Q&A with Teen Daze

On tour in support of his new album Jamison, aka Teen Daze, stops by San Antonio, TX for the first time. The night of the announcement I was on Twitter and after the following happened  I knew I had to ask a few more questions: 

Sobre Sound: Morning World sounds more like the work of a band or singer-songwriter as opposed to how we’ve come to know Teen Daze, an electronic music producer, why the step into a more analogue direction on Morning World ?

Jamison: It was a pretty natural decision.  My relationship with electronic music has changed over the past few years, mostly due to my experience with touring.  I think I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I just don’t necessarily enjoying playing my own music in a club.  The whole scene is something that I’m not involved in in my day to day life.  When I’m not on tour, I’m very rarely going to any clubs, let alone shows in general.  All that is to say, I wanted to make a record that I knew would take me out of that scene.  I still love electronic music, and I do love DJ’ing from time to time, but getting to play with a band, in rooms more suited for live music, feels much more honest to where I’m at in life.

If your earlier albums were exploring an emotive side of yourself, how does Morning World fit in to that overall story? Is this stage of your career and life different and thus inspires a change in sound/feel, was there a different process in the creation of Morning World because of those (possible) changes?

Morning World is a reflection on how I’ve treated music since starting the project.  I’ve used it as a method to escape over the past few years, and this new record was an exercise in exploring just why it is that I do that.  I’m definitely in a very, very different place than when I started the project.  When my first EP came out, I was just finishing up my degree, and I didn’t have a clue of what I wanted the next part of my life, post-school, to look like.  I take everything a lot more seriously now than I did when I started.  I have people that depend on me now, and I have expectations that I feel challenged to meet and exceed.  When I hear the record, I definitely hear a much more mature sound compared to my first few releases, even though the actual process of making the record didn’t change that much.  I still wrote and recorded all the demos at home, the only change being that I then took those songs into a proper studio, and re-created them there.

How did working with John Vanderslice come about?

The management company I was working with at the time was working with John in some capacity, and they suggested I have a chat with him, just to feel out if we would work well together.  After the first conversation, I knew I wanted to make the record at Tiny Telephone, and that John and I would work incredibly well together.  The recording process was amazing, and in a short amount of time, John has come to have a very profound impact on my life.

Has there been a specific event or series of events that defined or really helped move your career along?

I think getting my degree in Philosophy and Theology has shaped a huge part of the music that I make.  I took a few classes about art philosophy, and I think it has been a great filter in my creative process.  Through my school I got to spend 7 weeks in Switzerland, studying philosophy mostly, and it was an incredibly inspirational time.  I like to ask “why” a lot when it comes to my creative process, and I think that time studying influenced that immensely.

Being from Canada, how did you end up a Spurs fan?

I don’t know actually!  David Robinson was always my favourite player growing up, for some reason.  These days, I’m always stoked to see them do well.  Their win a few years ago was really inspiring; I was so preoccupied by my Toronto Raptors, that I completely looked over how incredibly dominant they were in the west.  I’ve got love for LeBron and all, but it was amazing to watch how efficient the Spurs were in dismantling the Heat.

Ready for the 2016 season?

To be honest, I’ve been out of the loop!  My wife and I spent the first seven months of this year travelling, so we missed a good part of the season.  Since coming home, I’ve been so wrapped up in the album release, and tour, that I feel like I’ve probably missed some big moves.  But I’ve got November and December off, so I’m looking forward to diving right back in!