Say Girl Say at Art Outside

There’s no disputing Houston’s dominance of TX hip-hop, but recently there’s been a string of bands from other genres making headlines out of H-town, around the state and even nationally. Indie electro-pop trio BLSHS (pronounced Blushes) brought the good times to Untapped Fest Houston, The Suffers were on Lettermen before he retired earlier this year, and on October 23rd, Houston band, Say Girl Say, performs at the 11th annual Art Outside festival in central Texas.

Recently voted Best Alternative Act in the Houston Free Press Music Awards, Say Girl Say performed in San Antonio this summer in support of their new self-titled record and will now be performing at the festival Art Outside northwest of Austin. The trio create a deeply interesting alt-folk with a beat. Self described as “world music”, yet their feel is definitely of the Americas. There’s an aesthetic and rhythm to their work that is very reminiscent of an elusive Native North American sound. The minimalism of their instrument choices (ukulele, live drum kit) coupled with Luke Odom’s percussive styles make Say Girl Say sound incredibly fresh and creative. Brigette Yawn and Suzan Zaghmouth’s harmonies and stage presence is fun, but at times can be seriously intense.

Performing at Art Outside is a great fit for Say Girl Say, the eclectic mix of musical performances, art installations and freak folks provide a wonderful back drop for an evolved performance from SGS. The following photo was posted to their social media account showing something more elaborate or production oriented.

The momentum of this relatively new group is undeniable, and those of us lucky enough to stumble over to Nite Lite when Say Girl Say came to San Antonio knew we found something special. On Friday, October 23, Say Girl Say will perform at Art Outside on a night that features Nightmares on Wax and Bonobo DJ sets, Teebs and former SA resident Henry & The Invisibles.