Sobre Selections: Shopping

Cute aggression: Shopping. This DIY band from London has released a roller coaster of an album on UK label Fat Cat Records that sounds like a relic from the 80's. This album is artistically structured in a repetitive and minimalist style. The socio-political undertones nestled with twangy-funk baselines, sharp and retro guitar riffs keep this ride in momentum with a post-punk dance flair that is oh-so immaculate.  

"Why Wait" rips through with anxiety driven disco hi-hats. A compulsively short track that makes me feel like I need it now,  "Why choose when I want it both ways? / When I can just take it all? / I wanna do it my way"  she declares. "Straight Lines" is  another single from the album depicting a fight between two lovers. Shopping is probably one of the few post-punk bands around that are keeping it progressive in this ever-evolving consumeristic world.