Sundown Shadows

Celebrating the release of their first full-length album tomorrow Tera Ferna, rock band based in San Antonio, have created a solid record Sundown Shadows

Rock music tends to build on traditions as well as introduce new constructions and that’s what I hear in Sundown Shadows. While not predictable, this album is classic in that they are not trying to reinvent the wheel. The guitars and rhythm section are measured and not over the top. Sundown Shadows comes with standard modes of guitar oriented jams and with great production. It’s radio ready tunes with hints of a southern emo rock, there’s a quality to Matt Charles' voice that is a mix reminiscent of Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys and Brandon Boyd of Incubus.

The title track "Sundown Shadows" grabbed my attention right away with the piano intro and big guitars. The band aired the song on 99.5 KISS's Billy Madison Show and it's already garnered 12,000+ views, quite the achievement for a band on the rise. Throughout the album you can hear different influences like John Frusciante on "Today Is The Day" and moments of similarities like the Antemasque-esque guitar work on "Volition", a song which takes a surprising sudden turn into a Latin-influenced rhythm. 

Tera Ferna's album release show is tomorrow, Thursday Jan. 21 at Jack's Patio Bar. These guys are a complete package and San Antonio should come wish these guys the best of luck and safe travels as they embark  on a west-coast tour.