Sobre Selections: Rostam Batmanglij

Multi-instrumentalist and composer, Rostam Batmanglij, has released an enlightening digital single titled 'EOS'. A glowing still visual and lyrics appearing as they are sung, present the single in typical Rostam fashion. "Everyone of us has felt the lights go down / everyone of us has felt our heart beat pound / everyone of us has felt it on our own / lo and behold you were here now your gone" he sings with an essence of sad detail. "What I recorded kept reminding of a very specific place and time in my life. I wanted to capture that feeling, and finishing the song became shot chasing it down". The video is based on a 25-second exposure photograph taken during a trip to desert dunes outside Jaisalmer, India. 

Rostam Batmanglij recently resigned from his role as a member of Vampire Weekend, a band which he co-founded. In a statement issued earlier this week: ""I wanted to let ppl kno I'm no longer a member of VW but that Ezra and I will continue to collaborate on future projects and future VW," he wrote. "My identity as a songwriter and producer, I realized, needs to stand on its own. Still connected to the ppl I work with, but through the songs we make together."