Burger Hangover IV Lineup

Sometimes.. the hype is real. The Fuzzland Production boys did something spectacular in a sense of pulling a fucking crocodile out of magician's hat with the line up to this year's Burger Hangover Fest.

Though tickets and line up were both supposed to be released on Monday simultaneously, they surprised everyone Saturday afternoon with the first initial line up.

Some bands have played through San Antonio before such as Shannon and the Clams (who sold out the Paper Tiger), Go!Zilla, Froth and LA Witch, and this is a great chance to check them out again or for the first time.

What is particularly impressive about this line-up is the diversity. A number of music festivals have struggled when it comes to gender diversity and their headliners. Case and point, music festival conglomerate Coachella is constantly under fire for the fact that they've only had one female headliner throughout all their years of functioning as a festival.

Burger Hangover Fest's  headliner is not only a female fronted band, they've also brought in some of the best all girl bands music has to offer in this day in time. Las Pinas, an all girl surf rock trio who are signed to a label here in town (Yippee Ki Yay) actually hail all the way from Argentina. La Luz, LA Witch, and White Lung are other prime examples of women being able to rock just as hard (if not harder, in my opinion) than the guys. We will continue to have more coverage of Burger Hangover IV bands as we get closer to the date.

Tickets on sale Monday for only $25.