a person who is among the first to explore or settle a new country or area.
— pioneer

The word pioneer gets thrown around a lot, but that's the word you use when talking about Hardkiss.  Robbie Hardkiss, house music pioneer from San Francisco will be stopping by San Antonio at Southtown 101's E:Merge Residency this SATURDAY. Abe Novy of S.O.U.L. Family said, "Robbie Hardkiss was part of a trio of djs, possibly the first "dj group" of its kind, whose seminal compilation album titled Delusions of Grandeur set the tone for underground electronic music in the 1990's by defying genres and introducing psychedelic funk to dance music heads worldwide." 

Delusions of Grandeur celebrated its 20th anniversary this past May. In 1995, it was unusual for a dance music record such as this to show up on the charts, but DoG did just that. Delusions also scored a #1 spot on Rolling Stone Magazine's Alternative Album chart, a time when chart placement mattered a hell of a whole lot. 

This is the first E:Merge of the year and after following a solid 2015, S.O.U.L. Family and crew are going to have a hard time following it up, but 2016 is starting out with a bang. Do. Not. Miss. Robbie Hardkiss TOMORROW NIGHT, Saturday, January 9th at Southtown 101.  

 Scott, Gavin and Robbie after signing to Sony/Columbia Records

Scott, Gavin and Robbie after signing to Sony/Columbia Records