San Antonio Stands With Standing Rock

Local business owners, activists, musicians and others are joining together to assist the ongoing resistance in North Dakota. From a press release received today: 

Local Assiniboine/Sioux activist Jennifer K. Falcon, The Mix owner Blayne Tucker, Frank owner Daniel Northcutt and local artist Cruz Ortiz are teaming up for a supply drive for the Standing Rock Sioux’s anti-Dakota Access camp on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. The Mix and Frank will be accepting cold weather donations through Friday.

Supplies will be driven up to the camp along with a banner designed by Cruz Ortiz Art that reads “San Antonio Stands with Standing Rock.” Cruz Ortiz Art will be selling original merchandise in which all funds collected will be donated to the Standing Rock camps. $3,000 has already been raised.

Falcon returned from the Turtle Island Thanksgiving direct action at Standing Rock on Saturday, Nov. 26, and stressed the media bias against anti-DAPL water protectors. “Morton County is painting the Water Protectors as violent, this is hardly the case. Water Protectors are trying to protect sacred burial land and our most precious resource, water, through peaceful prayer and non-violent civil disobedience. Our people have continuously had to fight for our homelands to be protected for the past 500 years. To have to fight to just exist is exhausting, we cannot continue on this path,” said Falcon.

“We want to raise as much money as possible for Standing Rock in an effort to get their voices heard and the true story told. We'll be driving directly to the camp in North Dakota to drop off appropriate cold weather gear and financial aid in an humanitarian effort of Texas support and love," said Northcutt. “In a political and cultural era where words of equality, liberty, racism, and sexism dominate the national conversation, we cannot afford as a society to abandon the most vulnerable people among us: folks who originally inhabited North America,” said Tucker.

“I had been very interested in finding a way to contribute. All of us teaming up to help can be impactful,” said Ortiz, who will be creating an original design to help raise funds. Donations can be made online at hotdogscoldbeer.com/Austin/merch or dropped off at The Mix, at 2423 N. St. Mary’s St, San Antonio, TX, or either of Frank’s locations (1150 S. Alamo St. San Antonio, TX, or 407 Colorado St., Austin, TX).

For more information, visit the drive’s Facebook event.

Monetary donations can also be made at http://www.hotdogscoldbeer.com/austin/merch/.

Organizers are stressing the need for the following supplies:

• Firewood (Preferably oak, maple, ash)

• Wool blankets

• Emergency blankets

• Wool socks

• Wool thermal underwear (no cotton)

• Safety goggles

• Trauma kits

• Straw bales

• Wall tents with woodstoves and poles

• Sleeping bags for subzero temperatures (including military style)

• Battery packs for charging phones

• Carts and wheelbarrows for hauling wood

• Fire extinguishers

• Propane

• Fur blankets

• Tesoro gas cards

• Gas generators

• Unflavored milk of magnesia

• Gift cards- Amazon, Verizon, gas

• Insulated Carhartt-type coveralls, overalls, coats

• Propane heaters (small)

• Snowmobiles

• Snow tires (inquire for sizes)

• Solar chargers for electronic devices

• Solar panels, inverter

• Storage bins – heavy duty – all sizes

• Tarps – heavy duty only

• Tents (High wind, snow, subzero temperature resistant)

• Tow straps

• Walkie talkies with long range, CB radios

• Water buffalo (tank)

• Water tank with heater

• Winter salt for roads

• Wood stoves (mostly small ones for teepees)