The Geto Boys: We Don't Support Ted Cruz or His Use of Our Music

One of Ted Cruz's latest political TV ads is a parody of the famous scene from the movie Office Space where the guys destroy an unreliable printer in a field to the tune of "Damn, It Feels Good To Be A Gangster" by The Geto Boys. 

Yesterday morning the hip-hop group took to Twitter and tagged Cruz in a tweet saying simply: "We don't support @tedcruz or his super lame ad using our music."

There has yet to be a public response from the Cruz campaign, but we'll keep y'all posted. One bit of complication: Cruz's people didn't use the original song, and depending on how different a court deems the audio in the ad, it may be allowed to remain on TV. Also, parody and educational uses of original songs are protected under Fair Use section of copyright law, but again, a court could find areas of contention.  Here's the original lame ad: