In A World of Its Own

“I don’t know how to stop this”
— Dawn of the Phoenix

While the above lyric means something completely different in its original context, you can feel the momentum of this album being something unstoppable. “A World Without You” takes vintage synth-rock and post no-wave to construct a solid and interesting album that will stick with you days later. Sub-y saw synthesizers cut alongside vocals that are stern with emotion. This album is dark but not moody, rocks but not in your face aggressive. Dawn of the Phoenix’s new record builds on the traditions of The Faint or Nine Inch Nails but with the modern feel of an indie electro band like Painted Palms meets Tobacco.

“Glorious Disaster” begins with an M83-esque synth sequence, kick and vocal that quickly turns into a fist thrusting anthem that could easily get a crowd singing along. “Glorious Disaster” makes me want to dance and mosh at the same time. “Days Keep Coming” is another song that singalongable, there’s a chant like cadence that is arena ready. One thing I love about songs like “Kiss Me” and “She’s Free” is the bleep-blorp of contemporary synthesizer patterns.

When I listen to Dawn of the Phoenix, I don’t think the word “catchy” is appropriate, but songs like “Save Our Ship” and “This Is Absolute” again, are songs with memorable vocals and lyrics that make you want to take the mic. There is a penchant for commercial rock song characteristics throughout “A World Without You”, and it’s a good thing. Too many bands show off their tools as opposed to creating songs with their talents and this album is a great listen with three or four tracks that sound like they belong on tour and on stage with The Rapture or even Ministry.  

When a song sticks with you into the next day, even though you've heard other music, that's when you know, yes: these are good songs and not just audio spaces in which to flex talent. "A World Without You" was primarily written and recorded by John Brown, the lead singer, and Jonathan Pfortmiller, mixed by Brian King at studioxan and produced by the band. Richard Evans of Guild and Rivers Want assisted with some production and arrangement as well. Dawn of the Phoenix's new record "A World Without You" is a must listen and we can't wait for the next performance date. Listen to "For One Moment" below.