Sobre Selections: Night Beats & Junkie

Burger Hangover Fest Spotlight


Night Beats

Outlaw psychedelic rockers, Night Beats, have released their third full length album "Who Stole My Generation" out on Heavenly Recordings. These guys originally from Austin but are now based out of Seattle Washington and they bring a sound that is acid drenched and not shy of reverb that definitely packs a punch. Bluesy garage-rock and psychedelic guitars make their live performance feel something like a spaced out stillness. Cut the cute shit: the new record is fucking badass, kinda sounds like the 60s, I dig it a lot. - Sebastian Gutierrez

According to a release, "Night Beats have premiered the cinematic video for new single 'No Cops' on Yahoo. Director Riley Blakeway elaborates on the inspiration behind the video, "When I first heard the track my initial intention was to create something violent but as the process continued I became really attracted to the idea of making something more bizarre and performative.  We didn't want to just have some cop driving around beating people senseless.  We both wanted to create a real character with real insecurities.  And most importantly, really incredible dance moves."

 Frontman Danny Lee agrees, saying "I felt the best representation was to portray a Police figure that was truly tortured. People with power usually corrupt it and turn it into a sick fantasy. Riley perfectly portrayed that and with his crew we attained the perfect representation of those (all too many) corrupt, power hungry and trigger happy cops."



In the key of trios playing Hangover Fest and releasing new music, San Antonio acid punks, Junkie just released their title track "whatever" off their first soon-to-be-released album "W/E". It's slower than most Junkie songs but in a sense of hitting a joint that might have been laced with something. "I'm going to do anything to get my mind off you," are some opening lyrics of warped vocals over extremely distorted guitars. It's a great track as Junkie starts to show off their dynamic. Upon asking drummer Jonathan James to go into a little bit more detail about the title track he replied, "It's whatever." Junkie can add "music to trip out to the posters on your wall" to their list of capabilities - A. B.

and you can check out the song here: