Sobre Selections - San Antonio Vol 1 Playlist

Sobre Selections has been a recurring feature on Sobre Sound as a way for us to highlight artists, songs, albums, shows, etc. that we feel deserve attention. Our Selections aren't necessarily made of newly released material or even of local bands, but rather items we feel people should be aware of. 

This is the first installment of a 'Sobre Selections - San Antonio,' a locals-only playlist that was curated by our managing editor Miles Terracina. In 2016, hardly anyone listens to or experiences music like their neighbor, so at this point, Volume 1 is a Soundcloud only list. Moving forward we hope to deliver these lists in a way most of our readers and local music fans can add and listen to within their daily routines. 

Not every band from San Antonio we love is on this list, so expect a Volume 2 and even a Volume 3 curated by other Sobre Sound staff members very soon. Thank you for listening and keep an eye on these amazingly talented local musician's as they perform around San Antonio and central Texas.