Glitter Wizard, Death Hymn No. 9, Shrines

Paper Tiger and K23 Gallery join forces once again to bring us Glitter Wizard, Death Hymn Number 9 and Shrines. 

Glitter Wizard - Hailing from San Francisco and self described as 'Pink Metal',  Glitter Wizard is the band that Wolfmother and The Darkness had set out to be. Combine Metallica like guitar riffs and shreds with keyboards, different styles of horns and a vocal range can fluctuate from the late Lemmy of Motorhead to Bruce Dickinson of Maiden over the course of a song change Glitter Wizard has made a post metal fantasy world of their own. Add the aesthetic of glam rock, and to say the 80s influenced this band would be an understatement. 

Death Hymn Number 9- This Los Angeles band came straight from the dark subconscious of Sargent Pepper's acid trip with punk rock riffs, guttural noises and strange organ intermissions. This band is equivalent to the color white, not in the sense that they're boring at all, but in the sense that they're made up of so many components as the color white is made up of all colors frequencies. The further you get into their Smokestack Frightening album, the more intense it gets, very much like a psychedelic trip where you didn't feel anything when you took the first two grams of shrooms so you took two more and it's now three hours later.

 Do they sound more like Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club? Do they sound more like Coachwhips? I don't know, man. They're all over the place in a great way. 

Shrines- San Antonio's Shrines, such big meticulous sound that comes from this brother duo. The first time I saw them I felt as though Hydrofluoric acid was spewing directly from Kyle Kunkel's guitar onto the bewildered audience face's melting away the flesh then brings it right back around with sultry tempos. Loud, hard and fast are the only rules in rock n roll and Reid Kunkel does not skip a beat when it comes to matching or setting his brother's rhythm.  Its hard to tell whether it's brotherly love with their own sounds complimenting each other or if it's sibling rivalry, a loud battle of the apparent skill set each one has up on the stage. Regardless, the performance is nothing short of epic. 

Paper Tiger doors open at 8 p.m. $5 cover charge.