Sobre Selections: Parquet Courts - Levitation Edition


We’re two weeks out from Levitation and one band we have on our radar is Parquet Courts. Definitely partaking due to their heavy experimental factor, what I enjoy about them is the questions I always have while listening. How can one be so monotone yet so catchy? Where did this rhythm come from, weren’t we just politically chanting? How could that possibly transition so well? Is this what punk on ADHD medication and acid sounds like?

Parquet Courts is the equivalent to getting every soda available in a cup and it still coming out delicious; a blended variety of political spoken word, old school punk, 90s experimental King Krule meets Marcy Playground at a DIY show.

 Their 3rd official album “Human Performance” was released just 10 days ago on April 8th.

Where their last album “Content Nausea” teetered more on the experimental aspect, “Human Performance” retained their unique sound however seemed more composed, a mellowed out version of Parquet Courts. They focused more on  garage and at times acoustic sounds and it was lighter on the electronic aspect.

‘I was just there’ is organized chaos as each instrument is on some spazzstic note but still manage to complement each other with lyrics that come from the subconscious of a buzzed brain or one with lack of sleep on a Saturday night. “I must have lost my train of thought. You look so nice, like Chinese fried rice. Wouldn’t you know, that place just closed.”

‘No Man, No City’ is perhaps the catchiest song on the album if you’re looking for something to dance to with an amazing guitar riff and bongos on the side. And on the subject of guitar, ‘Berlin Got Blurry’ has a wonderful Spanish/Western guitar that gives the song an upbeat feel despite it having sad lyrics.

‘Two Dead Cops’ is much like their song ‘Insufferable’ off the “Content Nausea” album, a reminder of their DIY punk scene roots in New York.

The album starts off a little slow but do not be discouraged, the album flow is perfect and builds up as it goes on.