Future Sailor debut new EP ‘Monday Moss’

What originally began as a solo project of Stephanie Huskin quickly became a sister acoustic duo in [2013] as ‘Moonglow’ and has evolved into a full band equipped with string and rhythm section.

Future Sailor, the new project of five avid musicians who are no strangers to each other: Stephanie Huskin, Diane McVey, Jonathan Valderrama, Josh Huskin and Gabe Castillo have been working for over a year on their debut album ‘Monday Moss.’

What is most enjoyable about Future Sailor is the indie sound that comes from a unique mixture combining different musical elements as all come from different musical backgrounds. In a time where distortion and noise rock is all the rage, Future Sailor’s sound is beautifully refined and harmonies come to pasture but still keep a ‘hard element’ as most band members come from hardcore bands; a factor they enjoy as it ‘puts a spin on indie rock’ and thus the term, indie breakdowns was born and can be heard specifically on Gun and Shroud, a track off Monday Moss.

Future Sailor began recording in August of last year and did not complete the album until early this year, and though there are only four songs on the EP, they couldn’t be more proud of the way it turned out.

“I think with other albums that we’ve done [in previous bands], it’s sort of like ‘Ok we only have three days to do this’ and it comes out rushed.” Stephanie explained, “I think with this one, we put a lot of time and effort and have done a lot of stuff we haven’t done before like a string trio, and have them record on the album. I used to do all of the cello parts myself and just chop them but it doesn’t have the same sound as it is to actually come in and record.”

She explained that her favorite song off of the album was the self-titled single, Monday Moss as she loves the structure of it with the strings and positive message it includes. “I arranged the strings so hearing what I arranged, it really came together they way that I had hoped.”

Monday Moss was recorded at Harter Music where they will return to hold the EP release Friday April 22 alongside Colleens.  Josh explained that they chose to work with John and Josh Harter at their father’s studio is because they used to tour with them in previous bands and that they were good friends.

“Recording with John, he helped us produce some stuff and did the engineering on it [the album]. It’s just really good working with him as a friend because he was very straight forward with us and ‘Oh this part sounded better like this.’ He’s just real honest and having a friend handle all that stuff is a lot easier than somebody you don’t know. He knew how to communicate with us and vice versa,” he said.

With a number of things that could become problematic with such intricate sound such as a bad PA systems at venues, the factor is eliminated as they will be performing in the drum tracking room where the acoustics are perfect. 

“It gives a down home feel to where we made the music. It brings it back to its original state. It’ll be neat, maybe it’ll be something that catches on,” Diane said after explaining that it was her first time in a recording studio. “It’s just a totally different experience from anything to playing a show or practicing. It’s its own thing and it’s really neat. You can hear all your flaws and you have to try things over, it’s its own art.”

If you’re worried about missing game 3 of the Spurs play-off due to the event, no need to contemplate where to watch it. Future Sailor are avid Spurs fans (even decked out in Spurs gear during the interview) and will be not only projecting the game at the release show, but will hold the performances during half time and immediately preceding the game. There will be complimentary beer from Southerleigh and you can RSVP here.