A Look Back: Stage Collapse Killed 7

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 Joey Foley/Getty Images

 Joey Foley/Getty Images

With Levitation canceled, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important like, oh I don’t know.. being alive. In 2011 at the Indiana State Fair, high winds caused the collapse of the main stage, right on top of the audience, resulting in 58 injuries and 7 deaths. The band Sugarland and the production companies involved faced a number of lawsuits and had to live with the knowledge that 7 of their fans would never return home after the concert. The civil lawsuits filed by injured fest goers claimed the production companies like Live Nation, Mid-America Sound and the band Sugarland were negligent, that the stage was ill constructed and the concert should have been canceled before the winds ever picked up speed.

According to ABC News, “IOSHA determined that Sugarland did not employ the workers who built the stage and therefore was not responsible for the incident, but fined Mid-America $63,000 for three serious violations of industry standards.”

Transmission and others involved in producing Levitation simply cannot risk another Indiana State Fair. Not only are the lives and safety of attendees put at risk, but many artists we are all so crazy about could be put in harm’s way when storms move through the area later today. Attendees are not the only ones losing out, but the businesses involved like food booths and merchandise, the interviews Sobre Sound coordinated – there are a lot of moving parts to make the weekend as impactful as possible. Levitation organizers are still hard at work to make something happen somewhere this weekend. Even venues in San Antonio are making phones calls and emails to see what they can do to help this crummy situation. We’ll keep everyone updated with any news of performances in San Antonio. 

With Death Valley Girls, Annabelle Chairlegs  and more.

With Death Valley Girls, Annabelle Chairlegs and more.